Sunday, November 7, 2010

She's a Lady and My Friend

 It is such a wake up call when you sit and sort through pictures. This weekend I spent my time sorting, scanning and creating a slide show for the upcoming wedding day. When forced to look at the mementos of time, you realize how much has happened, and how much has changed.
It also made me stop and think how our mother/daughter relationship evolved. Jen was always the princess...she would smile and light the world. She still does. However, as most princesses, she was head strong, demanding and not so patient. She has always been amazing to watch. Her eyes tell all. I have learned how to read them, and have had lots of practice in doing so. The teen years were tough...I did not like becoming the mom she didn't want to agree with. But she stood by me even then, loved me through some tough times, and stood by my side.
One of the greatest opportunities I cherish, is sharing our place of work.
It is there I watched her change and become a woman. She remained the princess, but learned how to use her strong will, and determination and run with it. She matured and focused and set her world on fire.
When she met the love of her life, her destination, God's choice, it all came together for her. Their love which is empowered by their friendship is a gift all moms would want for their princess. Her eyes are now telling she has found a  fairy tale happiness that every princess should have.
Somewhere in these final years, I have found my baby girl is still my baby girl. My princess is still my princess. But this young lady who lights my world, is also my friend. I look forward to the tomorrows and all we have yet to see.