Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beauty is Not Always Enough

Physical beauty.

It can open doors - and can also shut them.

Write a scene in which a physically beautiful character is somehow impacted by that trait.

Staring eyes were mesmerized as her feet hit the sand. Feminine, that hold you captive, hair flowing and the kind of body you find on covers of magazine.  She scanned the beach, a routine she knew well…east and west. And she spotted him. A masculine beauty that matched hers.

She walked closer to make sure. No ring. No additional towel or baggage nearby. And her closer look revealed his chiseled tan body and she wondered about the eyes that lie beneath the glasses. His head shifted in her direction and she smiled the smile. He turned away.

A little surprised by this action, new to her, she assumed he was a little shy. She positioned herself perfectly in his direct line and began the disrobing. She kicked each sandal off. The shorts she shimmied left and right, her hips moving with the action. Not too quick. Not too slow.  She unbuttoned one at a time, a little slower action now. And pulled the sleeves with purposeful movements, and revealed her bikini. Her dance continued like a bird…wings moving, eyes averting, a smile just gentle on her lips. Out came the oil, and she began to spread it across her abdomen…arms and legs. She would look and catch his eyes in her direction. 

Her confidence was dwindling though. He would turn away. He was looking at other sites, and didn’t seem drawn to her.  She lay back and began to imagine all the reasons why he must be ignoring her.

Recent breakup and his heart still hurting?

Actually in love and faithful…hmmm.

 Doesn't like women?  No way.

His girlfriend is meeting him and doesn’t want to get caught.

She glanced back and again, and she thought she saw him peeking. I do think that’s it. Well, I can take care of that.

She went down to the water and gracefully flirted with the waves, toes in.  Then dove in deeper and deeper. She swam with the grace of a ballerina. She fought the current to stay in his vision.

Then with the mindset of a snake, she methodically walked back to her towel. Using every inch of her body to entice.

But she slithered onto the towel, wanting to bury her head in the sand. He wasn’t biting. No reaction. No smile. No introductions. So she lay back and let the sun burn away the broken pride.

Not long after her thoughts were interrupted by conversation. She could hear a female voice. She was right…a girlfriend. But the conversation was quick and then gone. She didn’t look up, no need for reminders.

Then she heard steps in the sand…and there were more than two. Walking towards her.

Suddenly a wet nose nuzzled into her neck and she jumped and shouted…and found herself looking into the eyes of a German Shepherd. Her eyes followed…nose…to collar…to leash….to HIM!

And all the facts came tumbling in. BLIND!

His words came smooth and inviting, “ Hi there…I have been wanting to get over here for a while now”…and he motioned with his head to the dog. “I needed my guide.”

“Over here?” her words whispered out with some effort.

“Um yeah…you see, us blind guys…we have quite the sense of hearing.  And by the reactions of the guys around me…and the girls with them. ..I take it you are a real beauty. “

She blushed…immediately realizing, he wouldn’t see. She found for the first time…she was going to have to let him see the beauty from within.

Now this is going to be a challenge……

Monday, June 13, 2011

Daddy's Affection

RemembeRED prompt this week:

Choose a time when either the abundance or lack of affection (either by you or someone else) stands out, and show us. Bring us to that time. Help us feel what you felt.

Daddy could be a little strict, especially with the boys. But he had a way of smoothing it over. Bear hugging. Whisker rubbing. Hand holding.  Cheek kissing.  Affection.
I can’t remember anyone he wasn’t affectionate with. My brothers knew to give him a hug and kiss before bed. And mom, always greeted with warm touches and sweet kisses.  

This affection always calmed my fears, eased my hurts and took away the tears. It was never truer on that one day when everything changed for a little girl….

It was mid February and the chill in the air made me walk a little faster up the steep hill, once the bus spilled me into the driveway. Entering into the warmth of home I was taken back. Mom would always be waiting there, but today stood my sister who lived across the street. My look of question was answered with a guarded answer, “they would be home soon…appointment…they will explain”. The chill in the air from outside seemed to have drifted in with me.

It wasn’t long before mom…and dad came in. What was Daddy doing home? 

Something was different, a space between them I had never seen. Until that day. Somehow hidden, from a little girl’s view.  Mom’s face seemed twisted, her mind distant.

It was Daddy who took me by the hand. Brought me with him into that corner reclining chair. He sank in and brought me with him. The arms wrapped around, and his cheek touched mine. Fingers ran through his little girl’s hair. And with a shaky voice he told me what had happened today.

A divorce. An end.

And then he sobbed and I sobbed with him. He held me closer and kissed my forehead. Assured me of his love and how I would see him lots.

I couldn’t tell you what happened next. Or even my words with mom. I remember that moment, his tears, mixed with mine and the affection. It helped with the pieces of the puzzle trying to fit into the wrong spaces. The shattered reflection I had always seen.

Daddy had a way of smoothing it over. Bear hugging. Whisker rubbing. Hand holding.  Cheek kissing.  Affection.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Jar Full of Wishes

Linking up for the first time with Lightning Bug . I am looking forward to reading others response to a photo of marbles!

Two people emerged from the car, two of opposite sizes, carrying opposite emotions. One was bubbling over effervescently with excitement, the other tense and preoccupied.

Allison was ready to charge the school festival, ready to show off her mommy. This being the first time she could get her here. It took pleading. Begging. Promises.

Her mom,  lost in thought of things she needed to get done. Scheduled appointments. Work related messages. Stuff. 

Her mother looked down at her, remembering when she agreed to come. The pleading, begging and promises had won. In that moment all the other stuff was buried.  Her little girl deserved this. She could give up a few hours for her. But it was always this way…she would have these moments of realization.. which would later dissipate with the business of life.

Allison grabbed her mother’s hand and the smile lit up the moment.  They bounced from booth to booth. Knocking over milk jugs, aiming rings to circle around bottles, walking circles to music for a cupcake and then off to the fish pond to win the prized goldfish. Allison floated through the crowds, and she introduced her mom as often as she could. Her eyes would sparkle each time with the word mommy. Each time her mom’s heart would break a little more.  

How blessed she was to have her love her so. 

Allison  finally spotted her teacher. She was sitting at a booth with a jar of marbles. Allison pulled her mother in that direction, anxious for her two favorite ladies to meet.  Allison’s teacher seemed genuinely happy to finally meet her and bragged on Allison’s gifts and talents.  The mother felt the guilt and sting, this woman knew so much of her daughter after a mere three months.

 Could it be she knew more than she did herself?

On that she resisted the urge to check the time, or the message she has heard enter her phone.

Allison was pointing to the glittered sign on the table: “Guess How Many Wishes are in this Jar?”   Allison immediately began doing her figuring.  Mom stood back amazed at her analytical way of attacking this challenge. Her hands were carefully measuring width and height. Followed by attempts to count how many marbles filled the space.

“What are you going to do with a jar full of marbles?” questioned her mother.

“Not marbles momma…wishes.”

“And what would you wish for?”

“Many more days like this one momma!”

With that the cell phone was turned off, and the watch placed deep in the purse. Momma’s emotions now matched Allison’s. They smiled and skipped, hand enclosed in hand, around the festival until the microphone announced they were closing up.  

“And one more announcement..the winner of a jar full of wishes.  Allison, from Mrs. Steiner’s class.”
Allison erupted into giggles and ran to get her prize.  A jar of colors, rainbows, swirls and …wishes.
It now sits on the kitchen counter. Each Saturday she pulls one out and makes a wish….lunch on a blanket under the oak tree in the yard, a swing side by side in the park, an afternoon in the bookstore lost in books, a girlie movie and popcorn or an ice cream sundae on the porch.  Each Saturday a special time with her mom… always another wish come true.