Friday, July 20, 2012

Where is God?

Tragedy hits us again...and the questions fly...where is God in this? How can He allow this?

 I sit back and wonder to myself...yes, where is He? Where have we put Him? Up on a shelf? Shifted to the backs of our minds? Kept private only allowed in our quiet moments because we don't want to be embarrassed? Tucked away and only called in our times of need? Where exactly have we put Him? Is He hidden as a mighty power or found in the wind? Because I certainly do not see Him in our words, actions and daily walks. I do not see Him in our everyday lives. Sometimes I do not even see Him among those who call themselves Christians. We pull Him out when it is convenient, speak of Him when it is comfortable.

In fact, even today I watched the posts about this tragedy. It was spoken about all day, all over the media. People using it to debate whether we should have gun control or even question the parents who brought their children to a midnight movie. Are we a Christian nation? What would it look like in the media today if we were? And I wondered, what have we come down to? What has happened to us here in America?

As the days grow darker and evil becomes more a part of our lives, I wonder why we do see less and less of God in our lives. Is one the cause of the other? And shouldn't this evil and darkness have us on our knees and begging for His presence and direction?

Look at history, what has happened when nations turn from the Lord?

The further we walk away, the less present He will be. Where are we headed?  Where is this trust in ourselves taking us?

Today didn't get me thinking about this. Everyday has me thinking about this. We have shifted from a belief in a Holy Father and made Him into something we can be casual about, choose to handle it however we'd like, in whatever way we want. We are self-indulged. We make everything to be comfortable for ourselves. We look at others and put on a judgemental attitude, and real love is becoming scarce. You know, the kind of love that is merciful and full of grace.

We have forgotten we can't point fingers at political leaders. We forget they are only there because God allowed it and appointed it. Are we praying for them? Are we praying for direction as we decide to vote? Or are we looking out for ourselves?

Where is God?

He is there, He is waiting. Waiting for our return. Waiting for us to realize..this life, can not be done on our own.  We need to repent and let go and surrender. Allow Him to permeate our lives. We should see prayer on our streets and in our homes. We should be teaching our children.  Our facebook statuses and blogs should be full of Him.

My prayer for you tonight is your heart will be touched, and the Holy Spirit is speaking to you. Help me in praying for our nation, help me to love as God loved. Let's bring God back into the lives of Americans and make Him the Lord of our lives and the Lord of our nation.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wishes and Prayers

Raindrops fell in a simple quiet beat. The grayness hung heavy in the clouds, but the distant view hinted at hope. Other than the drops of rain and screaming thoughts, silence surrounded her. It was the silence that reminded her. Silence magnified the void.

She shuffled through photos. Browsed signatures on cards. Memories only bounced against the empty walls and spaces of her heart.

The ring of the phone jolted the silence...ignore was her reaction. She needed the silence. She needed the waves to rush over her, that morning she needed the emptiness.

The days had been busy and full. There hadn't been time to feel it, really feel it. She had stood steady for others and moved with automaticity through the plans.She knew she needed to walk this path to get through. There was no escaping it, the storm had to come.

So she climbed beneath the pain and allowed it to seep in. It moved through her every being. It unleashed and swarmed like bees. Her mind and heart were full and dark. All hope and joy had closed their doors. Sorrow took residence. She surrendered to it and allowed herself to feel it. She breathed it through her nose and out her mouth. It climbed aboard her heartbeat and swam through her veins.

But it was from within this darkness she could see a small speck of light. Darkness magnified the light. A song drifted through her senses. The words penetrated the despair and pierced at the darkness. It called to her in a whisper. The words were of healing and salvation.

Her eyes darted back to the window. The hope that was in the distance now danced in streams at the window. She closed her eyes and wished....and her wishes became prayers.

Her wishes sat upon the puddles, and would rise with the sun. Some would fall back to her, and others would sustain her. Healing and hope would stand side by side with sorrow, balancing her and keeping her steady.

Her wishes whispered to her....this too shall pass....this storm will end.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Common Ground

They all sat in their own space, elbow to elbow, in silence and anticipation. They had studied long and hard to prepare for a day such as today. But within their separate unseen walls they were isolated by language and culture barriers. Unable to communicate their mix of fear and excitement, they kept their eyes averted, their heads down, each praying to their own, each in a language native to them.
At lunch time there was some movement. Each unpacked their brown bags or vinyl packs. Scents of seasons and liquids penetrated the dull room as they ate in their continued silence. The chewing and slurring and grumbling stomachs seemed louder in the silence now.

As they bags were tossed, they lay their heads in many directions, catching some rest before the work would begin. The breathing was rhythmic and one would think this group was in sync. But their lives were each disconnected from the other, all drawn here for a different reason and or purpose. The dreams they dreamed were their own.

Then the sounds came from above. The roars of the helicopter woke them each. And with precise movement they moved, patterns and routine were evident. The noise became louder as it came closer.

As they hit the ground running, common ground was quickly discovered among this group. A single purpose now…to save lives. The injured were moved out quickly, stretchers on the ground. Each individual now became part of a team, each doing their specific role, creating a function of saving lives.

Communication suddenly opened, not in words, but through eyes and hands. Directions were given, details to problems…with points, grunts, and urgency in their pupils. This went on for hours…and then days. Triumphs were shared with hands held high, smiles across faces; discouraged hugs and hands on shoulders when the goals were not reached.

The days passed, and this journey was over. None shared a name, an address or a phone number. But the memories of this day, the faces and the people were etched in each one’s mind. They were no longer connected with the vision of these days. They walked away from this common ground…back into a world of their own.

The prompt that inspired this piece:
At what point does a person stop being a stranger to you? How do you determine the difference between a new friend and an old enemy? Who, exactly, owns the tree that seems to be growing on the property line between you and your neighbor?

This week's theme is "Common Ground." I'm sure there are all kinds of different ways to interpert that theme, so I'm excited to see what you all come up with.
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Sunday, January 1, 2012


Unlike many of you... cold is a welcomed temperature in my world. I live in Florida and I find myself inside a house, air condition on, humidity stealing my breath, can't-get-comfortable,way of  life most of the year.

So...those morning when I wake up a few times a year and walk outside and I can see my breath, a smile crosses over my lips. I breathe it in and feel it refresh me. Down through my veins and into my soul.

When the fields are covered in frost, it is my remembrance of snow. The blanket of white with the light dancing on the crystals.

The rare occasions when I can slip into a comfy sweathshirt and curl up under a blanket when reading a book, a cat curled in beside me. Cozy and comfort of hot tea steaming near by.

Or that inviting scent of smoke in the air from someone's fireplace, their only heat since there is little need. Imagining the scene of stoking the fire, pulled up close, heavy socks on dangling as close as you can get. The giggles of children who poke their sticks of marshmallows into the flames.

The climbing into bed at night and goosebumps rise and chills shiver as you touch the cold sheets against you. Those feet move to the warmth of the body beside you making them jump.

Ah yes, cold....a welcomed event in my too warm home. I think it is coming this week too....anticipating and waiting.

Cold! It's probably on your mind anyway, being the middle of winter and all. Why not take a few minutes and write down for us what exactly the word "cold" means to you; is "cold" the month you pull your fashionable sweaters out of the wardrobe, or is "cold" when you decide to stay home from work because you can't find the car under the snow? Maybe you've had a special experience with the "Brr" word you'd like to share. Still, I wouldn't want to encourage your procrastinating too much, so keeping it under 700 words or so is suggested.