Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Remember

I remember...
                  your whispery voice and your teddy bear hugs,
                  milk chocolate eyes that danced as you told the stories,
                  your rough whiskers brushed upon my cheeks.
                  the days when it was just me and you,
                  and those days we shared with others.
                  your warm smile and your magic tricks,
                  your secrets and your sadness,
                  your Old Spice cologne
                  and our sandy beach visits,
                 your stern eyes when I knew
                 you meant business.

                 your scent of cigarettes and creamy coffee
                 your  baggy jeans and buttoned plaid shirts.
                 your teasing and your playfulness
                 and the awful fight you gave to stay here with us.

But most of all Daddy...

I remember how you loved me.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


The prompt was "In the Dark of Night" - anything goes, so long as it fits that theme. There's plenty of room to play with that one, I'm sure we're all really excited to see what everyone came up with, be it scary or un-scary. Linking up with The Lightning Bug


Darkness keeps us hidden and walking without sight.  Darkness leaves us spiraling and reeling, searching for direction.  Or it can be full of fear and leave us still and folded into ourselves. 

Darkness is where Sonya lived. She could not see before her, nor remember where she had been. She moved with her hands in front of her, searching and trying to find her way out. However, she repeated patterns with the same results.

We stood just outside, each with a piece of light. Yet, we were unable to reach her, and she stood blinded in the dark.

The two worlds, side by side, hers and ours. Distance so close, but worlds apart.

In her world, they live and revel. Not monsters or ghosts that haunt…but demons that deceive. They whisper to her secrets and simple little lies. They steal from her any measure of faith or hope.  They keep her spinning, and leave her bewildered, confused.

The darkness is crowded. Yet most stand isolated. There is phony laughter. Empty pleasure.

Sonya settled, her feet grounded there. Cheated and betrayed.  

When light slipped through the crevices and cracks, she covered and retreated. 

We called from the borders and moved and circulated. But our words were stifled and silenced  by the wall of darkness.

Until that glorious night, the youngest among us fell to her knees. With her head bowed she spoke. She called for warriors and the strongest guardians. And then she boldly stood. She carried before her a light. Unseen, were those who surrounded her. The army she had called.

She walked from our group, and went into the dark. We gasped and some even began to scream.

The light revealed all that hovered in the darkness.

Despair. Rage. Guilt. Fear. 

Each danced with a partner of sin and shame.

And the young girl found Sonya hovering in a corner. She held her hand and shared her love, and told her only truth. With her light she led her out.

The demons grasped and hissed to her their lies. Yet the guardians and warriors wouldn’t let them near.

Sonya ran from the darkness and into the light, and still resides there now. However, the whispers from the darkness continue to beckon for her return....