Sunday, January 1, 2012


Unlike many of you... cold is a welcomed temperature in my world. I live in Florida and I find myself inside a house, air condition on, humidity stealing my breath, can't-get-comfortable,way of  life most of the year.

So...those morning when I wake up a few times a year and walk outside and I can see my breath, a smile crosses over my lips. I breathe it in and feel it refresh me. Down through my veins and into my soul.

When the fields are covered in frost, it is my remembrance of snow. The blanket of white with the light dancing on the crystals.

The rare occasions when I can slip into a comfy sweathshirt and curl up under a blanket when reading a book, a cat curled in beside me. Cozy and comfort of hot tea steaming near by.

Or that inviting scent of smoke in the air from someone's fireplace, their only heat since there is little need. Imagining the scene of stoking the fire, pulled up close, heavy socks on dangling as close as you can get. The giggles of children who poke their sticks of marshmallows into the flames.

The climbing into bed at night and goosebumps rise and chills shiver as you touch the cold sheets against you. Those feet move to the warmth of the body beside you making them jump.

Ah yes, cold....a welcomed event in my too warm home. I think it is coming this week too....anticipating and waiting.

Cold! It's probably on your mind anyway, being the middle of winter and all. Why not take a few minutes and write down for us what exactly the word "cold" means to you; is "cold" the month you pull your fashionable sweaters out of the wardrobe, or is "cold" when you decide to stay home from work because you can't find the car under the snow? Maybe you've had a special experience with the "Brr" word you'd like to share. Still, I wouldn't want to encourage your procrastinating too much, so keeping it under 700 words or so is suggested.