Thursday, November 4, 2010

Love and Ego

Love...unselfish, real love does not live in the heart of an ego driven person. You know them, right? It is always about them. It is a sad existence. They measure everything based on what they are getting from you. Never thinking about what they can give you or how they can create your happiness.
I am thankful that I surround myself with real love and people who freely give it. When I come face to face with the other it hits me like a wave of confusion. But then I realize, I feel sorry for them. If the love they seek is only what they receive, they are missing out on so much. These people will never understand or know what love really is. Without real love, they are empty vessels and no matter what they receive, they will never be satisfied by what others give. To know real love, it must be given.

Monday, November 1, 2010


It is sleep I feel calling to me, however if I am to be a writer, I must shake off the calls to other places. I believe a writer writes daily. Usually nothing significant, such as this post and all my previous. Who knows where these thoughts may lie one day...slipped into a character's inner thoughts, a line in poem...or even sillier: dialogue in a play.
Choices, require decisions. Demands, already chosen by someone else. Isn't it funny in some cirumstances, we only want demands. We relinquish freedom of choice out of laziness.
Today I chose to write.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Time Is Slipping...Slipping....Into the Future

My inspiration for starting a blog is a young mother, friends with my daughter since they were little. I read her post today....the realization of time flying by. Her little girl turned 2.
Kind of funny....because the same realization has been flooding me lately. Preparing for my daughter's wedding day. Where has time gone?
Time is slipping into the future. The beauty of it is that the future is so much more beautiful than the past. Days of the past held such storms, black clouds looming and thunder crashing dreams. Ahead however, hope and faith. Clear skies and maybe even the promise of rainbows.
Time is a funny thing. It carries so many things with it. It ages us, but teaches wisdom. It storms through your childhood, but whispers memories to remind you. It holds a future, waiting for you to catch up. Once you arrive, you may find it was worth rushing for.
We will always have periods of time we want to linger in, mosey through with our eyes wide open. The upcoming wedding day is one of those...may that day move in slow motion. Soon, it will just be one of those memories that time whispers about. But for now, I will enjoy the seconds that lead up to it and dance through the rainbows of faith and hope on that day.