Saturday, April 30, 2011

Battle Ground

This writing is response to a prompt from Red Dress Club: to write about a fight - the reasons behind it, the repercussions, etc. Show us. Use description.

Kayla left the house, slamming the door a little too hard and leaving her mom with the familiar tears in her eyes.
Her mother bent to her knees beside the couch and began to pray with a broken spirit. She pleaded to God with so many questions and confusion as to what had become of her baby girl.
Kayla angry and bitter jumped into the car of her friend, the music blaring and the smell of smoke in the air.
“Ready to party?”
Kayla shook her head to agree, but an image of her mother still sat in her mind’s eye and an uneasy feeling surrounded it.
God watched the two women as He listened to the prayer. He listened to the thoughts of each, and He heard despair, anger, resentment and fear.
 He also watched the scene around them, engaged in warfare, angels and demons.  
God called from his throne, “Rachel…go to this mother, comfort her.” Immediate and lovingly the angel left the presence of heaven and went to the mother. She sat beside the mother, and bowed down. Her praises went towards God and her words were like music without instrument. Peace like a vapor filled the room. Unseen, but its presence had captured the mother.
Then God called to his warriors, “ Mazon and Hekanna…I need for you to enter this battle. “
The angels fully dressed in armor and prepared for warfare, drew their swords and entered with thunder into the battle.  As they entered a light entered into the battle, swords silenced and the demons cowered. Moans and cries came from the blackness that surrounded them. Angels began to sing praises to God and surround the demons. As if power came into them the demons stood up and tall...a stench and a smoke billowed from beneath their cloaks. As they lifted their arms, claws appeared and in each hand they held daggers. 
God eyes moved towards the mother. He listened to her and and the scriptures she read. His eyes toward Kayla he could hear her struggle, wanting to fit in with the world she sat in, looking for a way to have enjoyment. He could see her troubled heart and every thought in her mind. He knew the whispers of the demons were directing her towards the path of destruction. Their lies were set to destroy her, bringing destruction to her life, and to her relationship with her mom. With his heart he spoke to one of the angels in the battle. With swiftness she left the battle and went to Kayla. The angels wings covered Kayla and began to pray to God aloud. Her eyes sparkled with many colors as she looked toward heaven. She called words of strength, wisdom, love and as she called, God watched Kayla. As demons approached, the angel moved with might and slung each of them from her. Her wings lined in silver covered her ears and their calls of darkness were unable to reach her.
Kayla began to think of her mother again. Some of the words from their argument echoed in her heart. But it was her mother's eyes. Kayla thought how much love were in those eyes...and how much hurt.
Kayla turned to her friend, "Could you drop me off at home...not feeling well all of a sudden."
"Oh come'll feel better soon. Think what you'd miss..."
A demon suddenly was thrown from their presence.
"Yeah probably...but tonight I need to be home. "
As she walked into her home angels surrounded her, some set before her, some following. Inside were many more.
Around them, in the darkness words hissed and whispered..."She has the choice...she will choose us again. She will come. The battle is far from over. "
"Our fight is not against people on earth, but against the rulers and authorities and the powers of this world's darkness. Against the spiritual powers of evil in the heavenly world." Ephesians 6:12


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A View from the Other Side

This week's RemembeRED prompt was to write about a time something seemingly terrible happened, but looking back, it brought something wonderful.

I hung on, claws in. The darkness surrounding me was hidden somehow. It must have been the small pieces of light within it. The children. My faith. My hope. My belief.

Seventeen years, married to an alcholic and addict. I was determined to make it work. Forgiveness, time after time.

Then finally, a year of sobriety. I learned what life was like, after seventeen years, I knew what a drug and alcohol free life was like. I saw victory, my hope that I held out for.

A year...only a year. Just a glimpse.

 Then it returned again. This time the darkness was visible. The heaviness on my heart was unbearable. The little pieces of light were no longer enough.
The fight was gone, the claws retreated. Defense down.

The pain of release of the hope and belief. The fear stifling.

But it is only from the view I have now where I can see it all clearly. Those years molded me, strengthened me, and made me who I am. Standing here in the light, I can see those dark times for what they were. Here I am happy and whole. Strong and focused. Wise and compassionate. Healed.and happy.