Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Wake Up Call

Trying something new in blogging...a site where I can get a prompt, now maybe I will actually do some writing.
"In the middle of the night, you get an urgent call from a friend you haven’t talked to in years. Something terrible has happened. What is it and why is he/she calling you?"

The sleep had been deeper that night. No dreams. No tossing. No turning. The ring broke through the deep, and shook me into a startled, confused state. Without thought, other than to stop the ringing, I picked up the phone.
On the other end, a quiet voice, not recognizable. Still pulling myself from sleep I tried to pull it all together as I heard a name I hadn't heard in years.
"It is really me, it is Katie...Katie Tyne."
I glance at the red digits on the clock, 11:30. "Katie?"
"Oh my gosh....I didn't even think about it. It's late there isn't it? I am so sorry."
"Yeah it is..."
"I will call you back, I can't believe I did this. I am in California, only 8:30 here. I will try you much to tell you. But it can can still wait."
As I lay down the phone, I laid back on my pillow...questions flowing. Katie...Katie Tyne. What in the world could that girl want with me? 23 years since graduation...what could possibly have Katie looking for me. The rest of the night was far from restful sleep...tossing, turning, and finally dreams. Dreams of memories, memories of  a best friend, memories of an end.
Sitting at the table the following morning, the coffee bringing me to life, I sat with questions swarming from the phone call the night before. A glance at the clock reminded me she would probably still be sleeping soundly, three hours behind me. I might as well begin the Saturday chores, allow the questions to be answered later.
As the laundry room door closed I caught the last ring down the hall..running to try and catch it,  I missed it. A look at the id and I see it was Katie again. Now what? The first of the many questions came spilling back in.  Do I want to know why she called? Does she remember how our friendship ended? Does she want to apologize after all these years?....Do I call her back? But before I answered that question, it rang again.
Number flashing told me answers were about to come.
After a few uncomfortable pleasantries, the answer came. Not imagining how it would cut after all these years, the pain of long ago mixed with the current. Cameron....had died.
Cameron, my first love. The love who ended our relationship, senior year, because it seems he fell in love with Katie, yes my best friend, Katie. The wound of that never healed, two cuts, both fatal. The loss of two loves with bitterness and resentment. I shoved it away, deep into my soul, and now Katie has brought it all to the surface. And with it she brought more to handle, his forever loss.
I listened to her words. It had actually occurred a year and half ago. She was healing and this was a part of it. There were things she needed me to know. She shared that of the many things they had enjoyed in life, one was more important than any other. They had found God. This struck something in me...because you see, so had I. And her saying this hit me with a conviction that shook me. These feelings I was feeling were so hidden, I thought I had buried the unforgiveness from God. But He was bringing it front and center.
Katie asked, "Can I you know God?"
I knew exactly what her question meant. Tears came to my eyes, "Yes Katie, I do know God."
She let out a sigh. Her words that followed were both haunting and beautiful...
"Cameron and I spoke of you often, we carried guilt, and an emptiness over what had happened. We prayed for you daily...for you to find a love that would never be taken, and one that would complete you. In some of our final conversations," her voice began to break, "Cameron asked me to promise I would call you and make sure this prayer was answered."
 Pain pulled from the depths to the surface, revealed for healing. It began a walk toward forgiveness. The love that they had prayed for was mine...I had found it in God.