Friday, May 20, 2011

Missing in Action

This is in response to the inspiring site of the Red Dress Club's latest prompt: Sloth. 

 Hannah slumped on the couch, feet up, and her finger triggered the remote to move through the channels. Not really aware of the images that flashed before her, she would pause and then move on.
As she faded from one channel to another she heard the faint familiar words she once knew...but she was so different now.
Faith...she has lost it to unanswered prayers. She no longer knelt to her knees, no longer spoke to a presence she couldn't see. A divorce, loss of her father to cancer, and missed opportunities, where was this so called god in all this?
Words....yes, she once flipped through the pages, studied and searched for answers. Now it sat dusty and untouched.
Church...full of people who live two lives, deceitful, prideful, too busy with plans and not enough time for her and her problems. They offered sweet smiles, occasional hugs...but had not time to listen, no time to help with the hurts.
God....where would or could he fit in now? He took a lot of time, too much devotion. She seemed to be okay without him. Maybe a little empty. But her needs were met.
As she continued to shuffle the images...the words she heard echoed in. "A hardened heart...a hardened heart...a hardened heart...."

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  1. Very expressive. Strange how very often, what seems like sloth is only a mask for something else.


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