Tuesday, July 12, 2011

He's Always Been the One

The assignment this week at RemembeRed was to write about an embarrassing moment.

I was the too young mom who sat in the front pew. I am sure they understood when I walked in a little late each Sunday morning with my crew of four. One in my arms and three little ducks following behind. We may have mismatched. Our hairs not all falling in the right spots. A grumble or whimper may have come from our mouths. But we had made it again, to Sunday morning church.

I was always just a bit frazzled and maybe a little bit tense. Sunday mornings created some havoc, from feedings, clothing, diaper changes and getting them all through the door and into the car placed into their respective places in the church...all at the right time.

So as I slid into the pew. Planted there, surrounded by love, patience and concern. They were family. They knew my troubles.

And as I sat, I relaxed. Settled and listened. Renewed, strengthened. Ready to carry on.

At the closing prayer, the routine to gather began again. Finding each in their classrooms and they excitedly shared...all at once of their hour without me.

I hear people call out, wanted to see the little cherubs. Each stopping for a moment of encouragement, affection.

As I turned to walk again, one is missing. I scanned with intention...

I spotted him. Eye on the knob and smile on his face. And I, and my children....and the scattered congregation in their Sunday's finest, are showered by the sprinklers which have been turned on.

My face is red with embarrassment and his giggles make it worse.

I ran to turn it off, rebuking this young one...who is always the one! And I turned afraid to see the reaction....

But I am greeted with smiles and understanding.
They are family. A little more damp, and their hair not as neat. Possibly a little frazzled and a little bit tense. My world had spilled over...and havoc was done!


  1. No way!!! This was so well done. Too funny!

  2. Kids are sneaky, but such a blessing!

  3. Oh I'm so glad they were"family". I thought this might go in the other direction and the church people might have judged you for having a child who would dare to a thing like that. You are blessed to have been a part of a wonderful, understanding congregation. Loved the transparency of how it feels to be a mom.

  4. What a wonderful church experience you have just described. I wish all were as inviting. You certainly have your hands full - but what wonderful stories you are able to tell. This was really funny. I could picture all of the wet heads in their Sunday best.

  5. LOL! Kids are such sneaky little things. I'm glad everyone took it in stride.

  6. How refreshing to hear of a group who understands what church is really about. I can only imagine the embarrassing moments coming my way as my one-year grows up...this is exactly the kind of thing she would do if she were strong enough to turn the knob.

  7. @Not Just Another Jennifer
    Thanks Jennifer...wasn't feeling like it was one of my best, but always wanting to at least try.

  8. @Head Ant

    Oh yes Ant, he was sneaky...and a blessing as well.

  9. @julie moore

    Yes, very thankful for my church family...trust me, this is a very minute thing they loved me through. I have stories to tell!

  10. @My Pajama Days

    PJ Days...I wish I was writing/blogging during those days or that I could remember all of them so vividly. Time rushes on, and I remember moments, but the mommy bloggers today are blessed with the treasures they are collecting in their blogs.

  11. @Ixy

    If she is anything like him...I will begin praying for you now! :-)


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