Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Shall Miss This...

I went into my classroom and began the rearranging and setting up, so the reality is upon me. My summer is ending, and return to work I must. Seems every summer I get involved in new things, something different which occupies my time. Time is the essential...once school begins, time is not as genorous. So, today I make my list of things I shall miss...

1. Volunteering. This summer I had an opportunity to do some volunteer work in a pregnancy center. I enjoyed giving back something to my community, sharing hope to the hurting, and attempting to make a difference. I am hoping I can still find a way to be a part of this.

2. Writing. I have had so much more time to write. Funny thing, I think I posted somewhat more consistently during the school year. Time can be a funny thing, when we have more, we tend to put things off figuring we will have time for it later.

3. Reading. I always read more in the summer. I have read some wonderful books, but mostly I have been enjoying reading other's blogs. My heart grew bigger this summer, looking into the windows of people's lives. We all struggle, we all seem to reaching for something or someone to listen to. As I read, my prayer list grew. Not sure each of these people believe in a God, or in prayer...but I was praying for them. There is a whole lotta love needed out there, and I hope I spread a little this summer.

4. Learning. I am in a constant cycle of learning...but in the summer I have time to be exposed to different things, look for different things, and experiment with different things. I am a bit of a watcher...often, I watch to learn. So I actually learned a little about twitter. I still feel lost, but I enjoyed watching the interaction. I saw some friendships that had been built on it. I never quite figured that out, but maybe if I had more time. Through that I discovered some spiritual leaders, great writers, inspiration, and a lot of laughter.

5. Late nights. Knowing I could sleep in a little, or during my summer school teaching days catch a nap later so I continued to push the limits as a night owl. Sadly, I have a cat who had his own ideas about me sleeping late!

6. Lunch dates. Teachers usually have about a 20 minute lunch, if they are lucky. So, getting together with friends for long leisurely lunches at a place where we can enjoy the food has been wonderful. A time to catch up, relax and enjoy the company of a friend. Lives get so full and hectic, we don't get enough of this.

7. Quiet time. At the end of the school year I had really gotten into a pattern of having a daily time of prayer and bible reading. But, it was under a watched clock. I had somewhere to be, and I had a specific amount of time. My quiet time over the summer has been special. It happens several times a day. I kept my morning time in the same pattern, but no clock was watched. I found online communities to discuss scripture with and share together. I found blogs that offered some insight and things to ponder. It has been a time for spiritual growth.

8. Slowed pace. The school year can be hectic and chaotic. You feel like you are the hamster on the wheel all the time, and never at your destination. Summer brings rest. A slower pace. (At least if you are living in the empty nest like me) Rest is good. Makes it possible to get back on the wheel.

I could probably continue...but I won't. I am blessed to have this schedule and to have these summerly things. But I would never be happy in it all the time. I love teaching...and once I get back on the wheel and in my groove I will be happy to be there again. I am blessed with that as well.

So, cheers to another great summer!


  1. I am a school psychologist, and my husband is a teacher. Each summer is such a gift! I will miss TIME the most. Just time to do what needs to be done AND things that you WANT to do. I have been able to write more as well, which is my true passion. I will miss moments of stillness that exist around daily corners in summer days.

  2. i loved reading your must be a wonderful teacher, i can hear in your words how much you dedicate your time to teaching...that is wonderful! the world needs more teachers like you... :)

  3. I'm a teacher too, and I know EXACTLY what you mean! As I start prepping for school, already I'm feeling like there's just not enough TIME.

  4. Wondered where you have been. i guess you are back at school. My daughter is a teacher too and she is very busy right now. glad you had a good summer.


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