Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wait on that Miracle

Sometimes we look at people and wonder...why is it so easy for them?

They walk through their lives and everything just seems to come their way. It is easy, natural. They wish upon something, and it seems they have this little fairy godmother who pulls out the wand...and *POOF* it happens.

Where is their rocky marriage? Where are their kids that don't seem to want to listen, they have the ones that never go through years of rebellion? They decide to have a baby...and the next month they have the announcement, followed by the perfect pregnancy....and later, PPD, no where in sight. They have the careers, the college bound children and the money to travel.

Honestly? I don't really think they exist...but sometimes, sitting where you are, throbbing in desire for a life such as seems as if they are. That seems to be a lie...a life without a struggle?

Today, I received a little precious jewel about that struggle. And I think it is true.

The marriages that are healed when all hope was gone.
The son who returns...after the years of rebellion.
The conception that occurs when you were ready to quit.
The job offer when you are about to lose your home.
The autistic child who says their first word.


When all hope is gone, all strength pulled from you, faith has been pushed somewhere out of is then...the miracle occurs. And how much sweeter it is at that moment. The grateful heart is full. Moving from the struggle to the gift...priceless.

These are the miracles...and without the struggle, they would be not much at all.
With a miracle a joy is multiplied, faith strengthened and made real.

Those know, the ones with the magic wands...they have no idea of the treasures they hold. Without the struggle, the value isn't quite the same.

What is your struggle and wish worthy of a fight?  Hold out, keep fighting and trying.

 Wait on your's coming.

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  1. My miracles are small, but miracles nonetheless. My son has learned to use the back of his hand to rub his own eye when it bothers him. I have learned some acceptance and a little less bitterness for my own family each time I hear the wonders another family experiences and successes and even when they complain about their minor challenges. Little miracles are a long way from where we started.

  2. @Stacie
    And to me...your miracles are the so big!
    That is kind of the point I read about yesterday which inspired this post. The point that when my child reached out to rub their eye...I never would notice. It came easily and naturally.
    But for you, a momentous and beautiful moment. A miracle glorious to behold. I read your blog often, and love listening to your miracles. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    I am sorry for your struggle, and I am sure some days you would trade these miracles for some easy and natural. I get that too.
    I hope today you find another miracle. God bless.

  3. My husband and I call those believers who have that magic wand or silver spoon, "The A-list Christians." The worst problem they have is that their drapes don't match their living room furniture, or they are 5 pounds overweight. (Oh come ON.)

    We've had to struggle for every victory. We've screwed up royally and yet - when there comes a miracle or a sovereign gift of God that we didn't merit and certainly didn't expect - it makes it all the more glorious. There've been a few. But rather than talk about those, I will mention one that happened to another - one that made me think.

    A friend of mine - a Christian - was just recently diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer, after suffering through a messy divorce and a failed business. She had just gotten a temporary job and was starting to put her life back in order, sold her old house and bought a new one, had just moved in - and the diagnosis came. I asked her earlier yesterday how she was, how she was managing. Her diagnosis was 2 to 3 weeks ago; her surgery is in 6 days.

    She said, 'Well, I prayed that God would allow me to be able to get out of debt. His answer was cancer - I'd put off cancelling an insurance policy that pays out (here she named quite a sum) for a life-threatening illness; cancer counts. So my house will be paid for. Isn't God good?' She then went on to say that it was great that the surgery was happening in the middle of the summer so she could get some extra time off while the weather was hot... and only hoped that she didn't lose her hair with the chemo she would get after the operation.

    Some people get miracles. Other people ARE miracles.

  4. I think there are miracles in every day moments. It all adds up to the big picture, though sometimes it's very difficult to see.

  5. Exactly!! The struggles make me very appreciative for the things I want...never take anything for granted!
    Great post!

  6. What a great post! You are so right. When we're going through struggles and everything seems to be going wrong it seems like others have the perfect life. Personally, I think they're just good at hiding life's imperfections. But that's what makes us human. We learn from it, adjust, and grow stronger. We don't take the small things for granted. Thanks for sharing.
    By the way, I'm Hopping over from Bees with Honey. :)

  7. I don't believe that others have a perfect life no matter how much it appears that way. Everyone has their struggles. Some show it and some do not.

    Your post was very heartfelt and touching.

  8. I think the secret to a perfect life is to see the struggles as lessons, learn from them, and focus more on the miracles. We've had some crazy bumpy times, but I still look upon my life as being as close to perfect as it gets on Earth.

  9. @Kim @ Mamas Monologues

    Yes, there are in every moment. All around us. It is good to shift our eyes there sometimes I think. But if you are like me, I get caught up in the other too often.

  10. @Jen

    Thanks Jen. I know I do. The bigger the struggle, the more I appreciate. Not that everything needs struggle though!

  11. @MamaMash

    You are so right. And really that is something I am also thankful for. All that I have learned. And what a wonderful outlook to have...I would have to say, I wouldn't call mine perfect, but I wouldn't change a thing.

  12. @Judy (Lazarus)\

    So thankful for people like that. The angels that walk the earth. There is always someone we can look to has a model. Sounds like she is one of those ladies!

  13. I saw your link at Bee's with Honey. I have to tell you that reading your post brought a tear to my eye. I think that miracles happen every single day. I often wish for that "perfect" life or a magic wand, but I am oh so happy with my perfecty imperfect life that offers up miracles on a regular basis. And thankful each and every day for 3 happy, healthy, beautiful children. Wonderful post!

  14. I find myself realizing with more and more people, that not everything is usually as clean cut as it appears. While it may seem on the surface the perfect happily ever after, there usually is something underneath. With that, I remind myself to be grateful for what we do have and (try my best) to celebrate with those around me, even when I'm gritting me teeth!

  15. I don't think perfect exists. Not only that, but perfection is a relative concept and the definition is different for every person. Not only that, but if there was perfection, life would be pretty boring with nothing left to learn. I also think miracles can be found in the little things in life, if we slow down enough to see and appreciate them. :>


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