Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Remember

I remember...
                  your whispery voice and your teddy bear hugs,
                  milk chocolate eyes that danced as you told the stories,
                  your rough whiskers brushed upon my cheeks.
                  the days when it was just me and you,
                  and those days we shared with others.
                  your warm smile and your magic tricks,
                  your secrets and your sadness,
                  your Old Spice cologne
                  and our sandy beach visits,
                 your stern eyes when I knew
                 you meant business.

                 your scent of cigarettes and creamy coffee
                 your  baggy jeans and buttoned plaid shirts.
                 your teasing and your playfulness
                 and the awful fight you gave to stay here with us.

But most of all Daddy...

I remember how you loved me.


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