Friday, June 24, 2011

Life Renewed

This week, Carrie asked you to write flash fiction - 300 words maximum - inspired by the word "Life."  Red Writing Hood
I wasn't going to post this week. It has been a chaotic week. But I missed here is my attempt. Please feel free and encouraged to leave concrit. This is truly a draft.

Broken. Scarred. Carrying baggage from a clouded life.

She didn’t know what brought her here today. A poster that looked yellow, cracked and hanging in a grocery store. It had captured her eye. The dates for a bible school for kids, long over now. The address stuck, and hid in her heart.

This morning she had woke with the address on her mind. A call in the breeze, a voice in her dream….she wasn’t sure. But she knew it was today she was to go.

Standing surrounded by strangers, hands gripping the pew, pulled by songs of hope and invitation.

The words she heard spoken today had been potent and as if his fingers were there and poking and tugging at her individual heart. She had come in search of….answers, forgiveness, renewal of life. She believed she had heard answers.

Another voice whispered reminders and questions, accusing this call was not for her. Unloved. Undeserved. Unclean.

Heart beat drummed with the music.

An arm around her and a smile greeted her. Warm and real. Something sat behind those eyes. Peace. Joy. Faith. Genuine.

“It’s your choice,” and a hand came out. A physical motion of the spiritual invitation that was drawing her in.

The feet began to move slowly, and the whispers spoke louder, and the heart beat faster.

On her knees, at an altar. Head bowed. Confession. Repentance. Unloading the baggage.

Leaving it at the altar. Surrendered. Released.

Redeemed. Free. Hope. A renewal. Rebirth.


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