Thursday, June 23, 2011

While You Were Gone

Dear Daddy,
Tonight I get to spend my first night with Grandma and Grandpa, it has been great. When I got here Grandma had bought me a walker to play in when I am over here, I don't know how to move it yet, but maybe one day soon! Grandma was loving all over me, of course! Then Grandpa came home and we went out to meet him. He was so excited to see me, it was his first time this visit. It wasn't long before Aunt Jen showed up! I seem to be a popular guy around here.

After I listened to Grandpa play his horn some, and giggled at the kitty cat as we got to know each other, they packed me up and took me out to guessed it, pizza! And yes Daddy, it was at your favorite place. Grandma had white pizza and she even let me taste her sweet tea and a little itty bit of ricotta. It was good...and I kept begging for more. I was getting tired and a little cranky, but you would be proud of me, I was a good boy. Everyone was admiring me of course!

When we got home Grandma got me ready for bed. I had a nice warm bottle. Grandma was pretty funny, I caught her reading the directions on the can. Apparently, back when you were a baby it was breast milk all the way….right to the cup! Good thing that isn’t the case with me, or Grandma wouldn’t have been blessed with my over night stay. She was telling me stories about when you were little and how she can't believe I am your little boy. She seems a little confused by some of the things I use…like the car seat. It seems yours was a little different. And you should have seen how amazed she was with the Puffs. She seemed to act a little silly watching me eat them, like they were the best things ever created.

Before I fell asleep we talked about how much she thinks you miss me. I know you must Daddy, because I miss you. Mommy and Grandma show me your picture and I try to kiss it. I love you Daddy and I am so proud of you. Thank you for working hard to take care of me and Mommy…even while you’re out protecting the rest of the world. You will be home soon and we can ALL be together! I can't wait. I feel all better now, I just wish these teeth would come in and my gums would stop hurting. Grandma Mary says I will get one this Sunday...just for you. Happy Father's Day Daddy. It is your first you know! I sure wish we could be together to celebrate it.

I love you bunches and bunches. Grandma sends her love too....oh and Grandpa too. I will tell you how the morning goes!

Love you,
Your first born son


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