Thursday, July 7, 2011

Forgive Grandma...She Must Indulge

I love being a mom...and I always have. I cherished my moments with my children, and it was hard to watch it go by so fast. But now comes part two...and really just as special. Love multiplied, new and beautiful...being a Grandma. Only problem, so far, they live too far away. So when I can experience moments such as these...I have to swim around in it, cover myself in it, and pour it over me, and over again. So, I am pulling you all along in this dive through my time with the grands.

Part of the fun is watching my hubby with the kids. We were married when the kids were teenagers, so I never raised any with him. Watching him does make me really wish we had the chance to raise a child together...but I shall revel in every moment such as these with the grands.

This trip was a little different. After flying out to Nebraska, hubby and I crawled into the bottom bunk and fell asleep to the little sounds of two boys sleeping above. Only to have the joy of waking up and seeing the joy spread across their face when they spotted Grandma emerge from the bottom bunk to greet them in the morning. It does me in every time!
Later that morning, we boarded the mini van for our trip across Nebraska and up into South Dakota. A little different from the trips I remember when my kids were little....two screens, dvds and the glorious pull-ups for potty training!!

First stop Chimney Rock! (Chimmy Wock if you ask DW)

Waking up to this every morning...priceless!

Seeing Mt. Rushmore for the first time was amazing. Experiencing it with my grandchildren, even better! Walking around there, thinking about history, listening to the ceremony with my military son beside me, it is not an emotion I can explain. I would have to say, one of my most patriotic moments, besides maybe my son's graduations from their bootcamps.

See these smiles....pure happiness and nothing but!

There is something about the combination of trains and little boys! They get all serious, quiet and beneath all that...SO EXCITED!
Seeing my son as husband and much he loves it, how much he loves them, and how much they love him and how hard he works to do it well.  Makes me think....I did all right.

Ah yes...see that bump? Our newest little grandchild will be here soon. Our first grandaughter. Yes, the buying of pink has begun, and I doubt it will end!
Oh, and the scenery....Badlands, South Dakota. AMAZING!

And as always the time flies by and soon I have to get back on that airplane and leave all this sweet goodness. So that last morning I soak up all the stories, puzzles and pretend meals I can. I hug, cuddle, and kiss more than they want. And I hold back the tears and whisper goodbyes...until I can return. And until then, I dive and swim in these memories, and cover my heart in them.

Thanks for indulging me.


  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. I hope, with God's help, I will be able to take such pictures one day.

  2. Your grands are adorable. Congrats on the new baby girl! It must be so hard leaving them. I have no grands... yet but one day I will and I'm looking forward to it.

    On another note, you still have time to write another outstanding prompt "out of your comfort zone" for The Red Dress Club. You absolutely can do it!

  3. I wrote this once and my internet shut down. So here it goes again.

    Your grands are adorable. I know it is hard to leave them. I don't have any yet but have heard from friends they are the best thing since sugar.

    On another note: I hope you'll step "out of your comfort zone" and give the prompt a try. I'd love to read another wonderul post.

  4. @julie moore

    Julie...your cheerleading sucked me in. I hope you get a good laugh from my fantasy story!

  5. @Amanda

    Thanks for the compliment...and I hope you do as well!

  6. What a wonderful post, looks like you had an amazing trip and you have a life full of blessings that you truly enjoy. So glad I stopped by to read!


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