Friday, September 16, 2011

Love you forever,

We all remember our first love – and our first heartbreak.
Your assignment this week was to write a piece where you explore the first broken heart for your character

Every note Caden sent ended with "Love you forever," and as Tonya placed each one in the box, she dreamed of their future. The future she dreamed of,  painted perfect.

Fairy tale wedding.
White picket fences.
One adorable boy with chocolate eyes.
One petite, curly haired girl.
Smiles and giggles, kisses and hugs.

Tanya waited each day for his calls. Opened her locker with expectations of love letters. And they came, every day and the hours and minutes stole her breath, and he stole her heart. She had found her first love...her forever love.

Her life was filled with him. She spoke little to her friends, her parents were just visions she drifted by as she entered the door and picked up the phone to call him. Her life evolved around one...Caden.

Until a shift.
A jolt.

Caden wasn't there waiting at her bus. He called later each day and hurried off the phone. Days went by and no notes were found. Tanya's breath eased when she found one in her notebook....but it was signed without loves or forevers.

She sat waiting on her porch. He had called and planned an unexpected date. She should be excited and hopeful...but his voice had left her scared. A change had occurred. Her forevers were drifting from her reach.

The phone rang from inside the house. Sheran and picked it up and heard a voice she remembered from weeks ago. She had called her "friend". But she had left her, ignored her. And now....she is telling her things. Things about him. It had to be from anger...jealousy. He wouldn't do these things.

And then the horn from outside. A quick comment to her "friend" about rumors and gossip that couldn't be true. She revealed none of the questions that had been plaguing her own mind. She grasped her last bit of hope and headed to his car.

As she slid in, she turned to his eyes.

And there stood that truth.

The love, the adoration...gone.
Staring back at her was an emptiness, a void.

"You are taking me out to break up with me...aren't you?"

And in his eyes, relief. Almost a smile graced his lips..."Um...yeah."

The cold climbed into her stomach. Her heart which had melted...frozen solid. Her breath stuck between her lungs and her lips. The fullness, emptied and lay at her feet. A tear fell from her eye...and a whisper, "Why?"

A name spit from his lips....the rumor and gossip true.

Tanya slipped out from the seat and forced her feet to move into her home and through the door to her room. An avalanche of emotion came and couldn't be stopped. The pain needed to be cushioned, and she grabbed for her box. She read the words, one after the other. Each word another pin prick into the balloon...releasing her hope, dreams.

And when she finally closed tired eyes and buried her tear stain face she whispered to herself there would never be another like him.


  1. Oh my, this is fantastic.

    I mean it's heart breaking and sad and awful for her.

    But the writing and the raw emotion that it evokes? Is poignant.

  2. @Galit Breen
    You're WAY too kind. I just pushed myself to do it. I went back to school and it has been so hard to find the time and energy to write. In fact...that is the heart break I have been suffering. Thanks for your wonderful comment. I can always count on you to lift my writerly spirit!


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