Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Missing Piece

Dare to Share theme: I'd like you to link up a post that involves standing up for something you believe in. You can stand up for a cause, support your opinion, or just rant about something that makes you mad. missing. It has lost its place.
Once an expectation, now a welcomed difference you find among the young. So many of our young today walk with an expectancy that they should receive, and yet not give. Manners are rare.

So many speak with no regard to those around them...adults and even their peers. They demand. They speak out. They challenge authority. Discipline is never fair in their eyes, nor necessary. Fault belongs to everyone and everything else.

I see it in many places. School. Homes. Public outings. And yes...even at times church.

I question how we got here...and I blame society as a whole. We let down our guards. We opened doors, allowed things in. We pushed things out.

And now...we pay the price. We are raising our young to be selfish-go-getters and reward them for fighting for their independence, and not worried about the ones pushed over in the fight for that. We have allowed them to become these individuals, and they have started to raise the same children, and the patterns are increasing.

My rant tonight...we need to turn the wheel. We need to "recalculate". We need to teach our youth respect. We need to show them they can't be out for me, me, me. We need to show them how to look after those around us. We need to teach them compassion. We need to protect them from the sins of this perverse dark world, and we need to put light back in their lives. We need to teach them faith, love, and the need for someone to lean on.

We have made mistakes pushing God out of society...out of our children's lives. We are paying a price.


  1. And you know, the funny or sad thing is that those who look out for each other, who know and show compassion, always have better, richer, fuller lives. How ironic!

  2. I don't know when discipline became a dirty word. Discipline is love. A disciplined child will reap rewards in this world without stepping over anyone to do it because he/she will stand out from the selfish crowd!


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