Saturday, November 12, 2011


I am linking up with The Lightning and The Lightning Bug today for my Dare to Share. This week's Dare to Share Link Up theme is heroes. Feel free to share an old post about how someone special touched your life, or you can write an entirely new post dedicated to your hero. Link up your Veteran's Day posts, posts about military, pretty much anything goes as long as it stays within the theme.

I honestly do not know a lot about what my two boys do day to day in their jobs. I assume they can't share or do not want to share with their mom. What I do know a lot about is their sacrifice. Both of these young men are married and have beautiful children. The military life has its benefits for families, we all know that. But it certainly has its difficulties.

I have watched the oldest as he is told where to live, when to come and when to go. I know how his heart broke when his grandmother died.  He was unable to return or say his goodbyes. He was somewhere in a desert, committed to his job.  I see how hard it is on his wife with him gone and the little boys who do not really understand. I watched their eyes light upon his return, and heard them scream and giggle, "my daddy" when they spot him walking up. His latest departure included leaving his newborn little girl. She is having a few problems with gaining weight and he hears this news from across the oceans, unable to help, unable to comfort. A family has to be strong and tough through this. I am proud of he and his wife.

The youngest is just beginning his time in the Navy. He has had his first deployment. For him, it is under the water, in a submarine. He leaves the sunshine and loses touch with his wife and son. The communication is limited when he is away. Emails are monitored, there are no calls or Skype visits. His next departure will leave an expecting wife, and he will hope he will be here when his daughter is born. I know it is hard on a young marriage and both have to sacrifice, be patient and have strong commitment. I am also proud of my youngest son and his wife.

I know they make the choice to enter this service and they do it for different reasons. Yet, it remains a commitment of their life, of sacrifice for their families and giving up many things in which we take for granted. In doing so, my sons and the many others who make this same commitment, help us to enjoy each day our freedoms and liberties. They are making a difference in the lives of many across the globe. We may question their orders, and our politics may not understand. But we need to remember as part of their sacrifice they are not to question. They follow their command. What we need to remember for these men and women is their sacrifice, their courage and their commitment. And because of that,
they are our HEROES.


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