Sunday, November 6, 2011

The In Between of Autumn

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The odd little piece of time between Halloween and Thanksgiving doesn't get a lot of attention, you know? In movies, it doesn't even exist. If it's not Thanksgiving Day, it's one of the few days before it. There's so much going on, though! As they say, it's the time of the season when love runs high. I don't know if the Zombies were talking about this time of this season, but it's as good as any and better than most.

Your prompt this week: 700 words or less, give us something seasonally appropriate; that is, after Halloween but before Thanksgiving.

What it use to be and what it has become for me are two different things. It used to be a patchwork of colors in the trees, the chilly days of sweatshirts and jeans. The time to pick up the jack-o-lanterns, but leave the scarecrows behind. The ghords would sit as a centerpiece drying until they rattled. Autumn would fold itself into the gray of winter, an ending of  a year.

But that was when I lived in the north.

But now I live in Florida. So it is the heat that is finally lifted and a window may be opened. It is the joy of walking out of the house and not feel the humidity slap you in the face. There are a few leaves with color, a maple spotted here and there. The Japanese Raintrees with yellow flowers buzzing with bees and then into pinkish-paper  flower. It is the sound of acorns bouncing off the roof and creating a bumpy carpet in the yard. The gray never comes, and it the cold never lasts. It is just a moment within the year now, and one must grasp it and hold it, for it never lasts very long.

It is a turning of time and a lessoning of daylight.

It is a remembrance on Veteran's Day. A day to reflect on bravery and sacrifice.

It is the days of planning and preparing for what lies ahead.

It is a renewing, reenergizing.

It is the walkway into thankfulness and praise, which leads to joy and celebration.

The inbetween of autumn is a season of hope, reflection and beauty.

It is the quiet of the ushering that seems to hold something in its gentle chilly breezes. The darkness that falls earlier provides us with a rest. The natural colors that have us stop, admire and remind us of creation and our Creator. Autumn is a time that ties yesterday to today, and we spin together the past and the future with reflection and with plans.

Then and now, here and there, Autumn remains my favorite.


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