Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wishes and Prayers

Raindrops fell in a simple quiet beat. The grayness hung heavy in the clouds, but the distant view hinted at hope. Other than the drops of rain and screaming thoughts, silence surrounded her. It was the silence that reminded her. Silence magnified the void.

She shuffled through photos. Browsed signatures on cards. Memories only bounced against the empty walls and spaces of her heart.

The ring of the phone jolted the silence...ignore was her reaction. She needed the silence. She needed the waves to rush over her, that morning she needed the emptiness.

The days had been busy and full. There hadn't been time to feel it, really feel it. She had stood steady for others and moved with automaticity through the plans.She knew she needed to walk this path to get through. There was no escaping it, the storm had to come.

So she climbed beneath the pain and allowed it to seep in. It moved through her every being. It unleashed and swarmed like bees. Her mind and heart were full and dark. All hope and joy had closed their doors. Sorrow took residence. She surrendered to it and allowed herself to feel it. She breathed it through her nose and out her mouth. It climbed aboard her heartbeat and swam through her veins.

But it was from within this darkness she could see a small speck of light. Darkness magnified the light. A song drifted through her senses. The words penetrated the despair and pierced at the darkness. It called to her in a whisper. The words were of healing and salvation.

Her eyes darted back to the window. The hope that was in the distance now danced in streams at the window. She closed her eyes and wished....and her wishes became prayers.

Her wishes sat upon the puddles, and would rise with the sun. Some would fall back to her, and others would sustain her. Healing and hope would stand side by side with sorrow, balancing her and keeping her steady.

Her wishes whispered to her....this too shall pass....this storm will end.

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