Friday, July 20, 2012

Where is God?

Tragedy hits us again...and the questions fly...where is God in this? How can He allow this?

 I sit back and wonder to myself...yes, where is He? Where have we put Him? Up on a shelf? Shifted to the backs of our minds? Kept private only allowed in our quiet moments because we don't want to be embarrassed? Tucked away and only called in our times of need? Where exactly have we put Him? Is He hidden as a mighty power or found in the wind? Because I certainly do not see Him in our words, actions and daily walks. I do not see Him in our everyday lives. Sometimes I do not even see Him among those who call themselves Christians. We pull Him out when it is convenient, speak of Him when it is comfortable.

In fact, even today I watched the posts about this tragedy. It was spoken about all day, all over the media. People using it to debate whether we should have gun control or even question the parents who brought their children to a midnight movie. Are we a Christian nation? What would it look like in the media today if we were? And I wondered, what have we come down to? What has happened to us here in America?

As the days grow darker and evil becomes more a part of our lives, I wonder why we do see less and less of God in our lives. Is one the cause of the other? And shouldn't this evil and darkness have us on our knees and begging for His presence and direction?

Look at history, what has happened when nations turn from the Lord?

The further we walk away, the less present He will be. Where are we headed?  Where is this trust in ourselves taking us?

Today didn't get me thinking about this. Everyday has me thinking about this. We have shifted from a belief in a Holy Father and made Him into something we can be casual about, choose to handle it however we'd like, in whatever way we want. We are self-indulged. We make everything to be comfortable for ourselves. We look at others and put on a judgemental attitude, and real love is becoming scarce. You know, the kind of love that is merciful and full of grace.

We have forgotten we can't point fingers at political leaders. We forget they are only there because God allowed it and appointed it. Are we praying for them? Are we praying for direction as we decide to vote? Or are we looking out for ourselves?

Where is God?

He is there, He is waiting. Waiting for our return. Waiting for us to realize..this life, can not be done on our own.  We need to repent and let go and surrender. Allow Him to permeate our lives. We should see prayer on our streets and in our homes. We should be teaching our children.  Our facebook statuses and blogs should be full of Him.

My prayer for you tonight is your heart will be touched, and the Holy Spirit is speaking to you. Help me in praying for our nation, help me to love as God loved. Let's bring God back into the lives of Americans and make Him the Lord of our lives and the Lord of our nation.


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