Monday, January 21, 2013

Heart of Stone

 She couldn't be stilled. Her heart raced. Her mind whirled between crazy and sane. And her feet...step after step tracing the stones of heart beneath her feet. Her movement changed with her thoughts. Tip Toe. Spin. Skip. Mimicking Groucho Marx. As she moved, she counted the stones. And they were as numerous as the answers to the question that faced her.

Sara stopped and lay across the heart. Her eyes looking toward the heavens. She had called out so many times for the answers....and none came floating back.
With her eyes closed and the beat of her heart slowing she heard footsteps approaching.

Sara knew the one who wore the shoes. The pattern and rhythm completely familiar. Her eyes still closed a smile crawled up on her lips.
"Child...what are you doing lying there on that cold stone?"

Her eyes opened to the warmth of those milky brown eyes looking down on her. She saw such wisdom there. Faith oozed from her smile. A peace seem to surround her.
She reached for the hand to pull her up and into a hug.

As they came eye to eye she pleaded for that wisdom to jump from her heart into her own mind,"What am I going to do?"
"You're not going to find your answers on your feet. I done told ya' that! You need to get down on your knees!"
"Oh Cami, I know you don't like the way I use him like my genie. But...."

Sara couldn't even finish the sentence. She knew how it would hurt her. She really had no need to call out to the heavens, or get down on her knees....he couldn't and wouldn't understand the questions of that plagued her mind.

She looked back into that look of Cami's eyes and wished she could climb inside and get what her thoughts held. Wondering what she had learned as she had gained all those wrinkles that encircled her eyes.

Cami said no more, just touched her hand. It was the way she always handled it. She'd give a little wisdom, and a lot of love. But she never pushed.

Later that evening Sara saw Cami on the porch. The old and worn bible sat on the rocking chair. Cami was down on her knees. Somehow Sara knew those prayers she was saying were all for her.

Not long after a peace settled down in Sara's mind. The answer came clear.....and she thought, I knew it would come to me.

It has been a really long time since I posted to this group
n fact, it has been a really long time since I wrote. It felt good to get some words out and create a little. The prompts have changed a little since I have been here last. This week was a photo and a quote from Groucho Marx. I started there...and loosely used it. The exercise felt good!

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  1. I loved the anguish of child's wish to have all the answers and the wisdom of the elder who knows better. I would have liked to know the age of the child, and a little bit more back story.

    Welcome back!


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